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Hello! My name is Alex Gomez, CEO, and Founder of TRILLION. We are a green fuel development company on a mission to reduce the social and environmental impact of hydrocarbon fuels. 


TRILLION aims to improve performance and costs with our water in diesel fuel nanoemulsion technology. I want to shed light on the problem TRILLION is fixing, the solutions our HydroDiesel+® brings, and why we need your support! 


The Problem TRILLION is Fixing


It’s safe to say the global demand for diesel has been at an all-time high, with prices skyrocketing to new record heights since the last major spike in 2008. With the cost for diesel reaching $4.8 billion dollars a day, this is only a portion of the issues at hand that we are working to fix. 


Regular diesel is a significant health hazard.


The world’s atmosphere is being filled with toxic pollutants. Did you know the World Health Organization estimates 7 millions deaths each year are due to hazardous emissions and air pollution from fossil fuels? In addition to toxic emissions, fossil fuel combustion is the largest contributor to climate change.


Diesel emissions account for roughly 30% for all the pollution from each barrel of oil combusted.

Solutions Our HydroDiesel+® Fuel Provides


To start, we can provide significant increases in gross profit for fuel retailers. Secondly, we can reduce specific fuel oil consumption by up to 15%. 


Our sustainable fuel has 0% free-water content (all the water is actually infused inside the fuel molecules) thus delivering more work from the engines.


Humans living in a toxic atmosphere? We can reduce 40% and 80% of the CO2   and NOX life-cycle emissions, respectively! 


HydroDiesel+® fuel is created from a water in diesel fuel nano emulsification technology. It is cleaner and reduces a wide spectrum of greenhouse gas emissions while lowering the toxicity and hazardous rating! 


TRILLION has the ability to help FastTrack climate change. We are working as a major contributor to the energy transformation movement with our immediate green fuel solution! 


Why TRILLION Needs Your Support!


At TRILLION, our goal is to provide a healthier environment with a premium, clean, and safer fuel that works for ANY diesel engine! But we need your help. Become an early shareholder on StartEngine today! 


Be sure to spread the word to your friends, family, and network about our impactful investment opportunity.

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