Around the USA with HydroDiesel+®

Follow Trillion® as we travel around the USA running only on HydroDiesel+®!

Trillion will circumnavigate the USA in July 2022, traveling 7500 miles exclusively on HydroDiesel+®!

To show just how advanced and efficient our HydroDiesel+® is, we are taking a trip around the US running only on HydroDiesel+®You'll see how HydroDiesel costs us less and runs cleaner - so it's better for the environment! Follow us on our journey to discover:

  • How using HydroDiesel+® for our trip costs much less than Regular diesel
  • You'll see how we travel further and burn less fuel than regular diesel
  • How using HydroDiesel+® is much better for the environment

We'll be taking this journey in an International 4300 DT466 truck!

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Our Itinerary using only HydroDiesel+®

LocationMilesEst. HoursEst. Fuel (gallons)
Houston, TX to Tuscon, AZ 1,066 16 178
Tuscon, AZ to Los Angeles, CA 485 7.5  81
Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR 965 15 161
Portland, OR to Spokane, WA 350 5.5 58
Spokane, WA to Billings, MT 540 8 90
Billings, MT to Rapid City, SD 316 5 53
Rapid City, SD to Minneapolis, MN 575 8.5 96
Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL 410 6.5 68
Chicago, IL to Cleveland, OH 344 5.5 57
Cleveland, OH to Niagara Falls, NY 212 3.5 35
Niagara Falls, NY to New York City, NY 410 6.5 68
New York City, NY to Washington, DC 226 4.5 38
Washington, DC to Jacksonville, FL 706 11 118
Jacksonville, FL to Lafayette, LA 662 9.5 110
Lafayette, LA to Houston, TX 217 4  36
Totals  7,484  116.5 1,247
HydroDiesel Map

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