Introducing Our Amazing Team!




Introducing Our Amazing Team



Hello TRILLION Community, đź‘‹


We’ve created water in diesel fuel nano emulsification technology that reduces the social and environmental impact of hydrocarbon fuels! 


Our product, HydroDiesel+® is a Fill N’ Go fuel that delivers the largest spectrum of Greenhouse Gas emissions reductions, improved fuel economy & retail price advantage through our nano emulsification technology. 


Our Low-GHG liquid-fuels are proven, certified, and scalable with ready-to-buy clients.

At TRILLION, our goal is to provide a healthier environment with a premium, cleaner, and safer fuel that works for ANY diesel engine!

With such a strong leadership team, there is no doubt that this company will become a leader in its field in the coming years. We want you to meet our amazing lineup that is making environmental-based solutions a reality everywhere! 



Meet Our Fantastic Team!



CEO & FOUNDER - Alexander R. Gomez


Alex leads the company’s executive team. He is the leader of the company’s vision, strategy, operations, and technological development. Alex identified an opportunity in the renewable and sustainable fuel market over five years ago, and implemented his vision of creating TRILLION, leaders in clean fuel technology.


Alex is an engineering graduate from the University of Louisiana and has worked in Oil & Gas, Renewables, and International Trade and business creation his full 20-year career. His experience and capability are well beyond his years of service and include:


  • Petrochemical process engineering
  • Diesel mechanics
  • Renewable energy
  • International trading
  • Business development and marketing with a focus in developing new sustainable technologies from concept to full commercial production. Exactly what TRILLION is doing.


His long-term business focus has been on conserving our environment while creating profitable energy solutions.



Mike has an engineering degree, a professional engineering license, and an MBA. He has worked 23 years in the Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Power Generation industry in commercial and legal contract management roles. He has been responsible for negotiating over 100 complex energy contracts and has been seconded to create divisions overseas on ex-pat roles. 

He has worked a large part of his career with Aecon, one of Canada’s largest energy and infrastructure development companies, and Babcock and Wilcox. His experience is beyond his years of service and very well qualified for the role.

Mr. Brady’s area of expertise lies with:


  • Energy sales
  • Marketing
  • Sales team development 
  • International business development
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Commercial contract negotiations
  • Government relations


He has worked in the energy industry on an international basis carrying out successful project assignments in the Americas, Europe, and MENA regions.




Fraim joined Trillion to lead the research and development of new fuel types and production methodologies. The alternative Hydro-fuels under development broadens TRILLION’s solution to other hydrocarbon segments.


Dr. Fraim has held wide-ranging, worldwide teaching and industrial positions in his 30 year career including roles in:


  • Global oilfield developments
  • Gasfield developments
  • Extraction research for Phillips Petroleum and Aera  Energy 
  • Professorships at Texas A&M in Qatar 
  • Professorships at King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia. 


Dr. Fraim is sought-after for his expertise in:

  • Multi-component phase behavior
  • Petrochemical engineering
  • Hydraulic fracturing/injection technologies 


As TRILLION’s Chief Technology Officer, he handles all technical oversight of TRILLION’s technology and IP.


John is an effective Business Development Professional, possessing 30 years of executive-level experience. John is an MBA graduate and has spent most of his career in energy working as a sales and customer service leader for GE, SNC Lavalin, Worley Parsons, SWRI, and Babcock and Wilcox. He has always worked at the customer side of these businesses and is very well qualified for his role.


He has proven expertise and results in:


  • Business development
  • General Management
  • Capital budgeting
  • Sales forecasting
  • Marketing
  • Launch efforts
  • Product line growth


During his 16 year tenure at General Electric, he became the business unit leader for a $30M profit and loss segment. He later became a six-sigma greenbelt certified leader. 


John applied this experience in maintaining JV relationships with overseas partners. During his career at GE, he met the profit and loss goals for eight consecutive quarters. This is an accomplishment rarely attained in the Jack Welch era of GE.



Since 2017, Cabrera has been instrumental in the mechanical conceptualization and detailed design of TRILLION’s Smart Blending Systems™; including the very first prototype and beta tests units in the US and Asia.  

Alvaro is head of Engineering with an electrical engineering degree, over 30 years experience in engineering leadership roles working for international companies in complex engineering capacities. In his role he leads all engineering aspects of TRILLION’s SMART Blending Systems™, including detailed: 

  • Mechanical and structural design
  • Instrumentation and control design
  • Electrical design
  • Auxiliary equipment sizing and selection


The Engineering Director works with the CTO to ensure design conformity with TRILLION’s mechanical and chemical IP



Currently, Steve is head of QHSSE activities for TRILLION’s operations. 


Steve is a Board Certified NEBOSH-IGC (International Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health), a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist or COSS as well as many other accolades within the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Industry, such as ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, OSHA, IGC, IOSH, OGP, and Six Sigma. Steve has over 20 years of direct and relatable quality, health and safety leadership experience from dozens of international oil and gas projects, both onshore and off. 


He played a very important role in Medical and QHSSE Support during Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as Operation New Dawn.


Additionally, he initiated the first set of Safety Standards, Risk Assessment, Job Hazard Analysis, and Permitting within this field.





As the leader of the Project Execution and subcontract teams, he handles full project P/L, schedule, safety compliance, and successful implementation of the field project as a whole. 


This responsibility includes project resources for all staff, contractors, and suppliers.


He creates each Project Execution Plan for review, approval, and regular updating to the executive team. 


Rodrigue is an experienced project manager with over 35 years of demonstrated experience. This experience stems from: 


  • Design Management
  • Fabrication and Installation coordination
  • Installation and commissioning of major projects in the oil and gas industry




Rear Admiral Weaver serves on TRILLION’s advisory board and has been instrumental in the Company’s marine and naval military business development activities. 


He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with the Class of 1971, majoring in International Affairs. He holds a Master of Public Administration from The George Washington University and is a distinguished graduate of the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, The National Defense University.

He took command of the Naval District of Washington in February 1998 as its 83rd Commandant, ultimately becoming the second-longest serving commander in the Naval District's 200-year history. Admiral Waver was also appointed as the US Department of Defense’s lead representative in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol negotiations representing all branches of the United States Military as stakeholders in the environmental protocol. Weaver retired after 35 years of service and has performed as a private consultant, enjoying success in a range of business areas including organizational change; energy, and the environment.



Storari is a highly effective executive with a proven record of success focused on over 45 years of complex naval engineering projects directly related to fuels and energy efficiency on large ocean-going vessels. His most recent role was that of Chief Research and Development Engineer at Carnival Corporation.


Renato has applied his Chief Research and Development engineering leadership capabilities and administrative expertise to the design, construction, and conversion of passenger vessels. 


Prior to his tenure at Carnival, Renato spent 14 years working at Exxon corporation as Chief Engineer. He led development projects related to energy conservation and carried out many modifications, installations, onboard vessels, and at refineries to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency.




Felipe is an experienced strategic advisor and partner at B2BCFO and has 30 years of combined experience in senior financial and leadership roles in the energy and manufacturing industries. He has been a noteworthy leader as a C-level player for many domestic and foreign companies in different industries. 


Additionally, he worked as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Fletcher Petroleum Corp in Alabama. 


He can also be credited with contributions to:


  • CFO/board member of Radial Drilling Services
  • General Manager at PetroVista Energy Corp.
  • Corporate Controller at Salamander Energy Corp.

Felipe has been honored with six President Annual Awards for his contribution to Abbott Labs as  Country Manager in Venezuela. He holds a BBA from Andres Bello Catholic University and The  College of New Jersey and currently resides in Houston, Texas.


Scott has more than 40 years of experience cutting across nearly every aspect of fossil energy utilization. He recently retired after 7 years as a Senior Advisor in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management in Washington, DC, and 29 years in RD&D and management positions at DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

His role with TRILLION focuses on:

  • Advising on Global Market development
  • Providing technical, commercial, and governmental insights
  • Assisting TRILLION leadership connections with environmental technology markets around the world

In his final DOE position, reporting to a Deputy Assistant Secretary, he provided advice to several political appointees, especially, on a broad range of technical, policy, and regulatory issues and activities. He also led/coordinated RD&D cooperation and technology deployment activities with many foreign partners. He served as the Acting Director of the Strategic Engagement Division in the Office of Strategic Planning, Analysis & Engagement in the Office of Clean Coal and Carbon Management from 2017-2019.


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