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At TRILLION, our goal is to provide a healthier environment with a premium, clean, and safer fuel that works for ANY diesel engine! We wanted to highlight our mission, the effectiveness of our HydroDiesel+®, and why you should join our investor community today!

Our Mission 


We are a green fuel development company on a mission to reduce the social and environmental impact of fossil fuels. At the same time, working to improve the performance and costs with our water in diesel fuel nanoemulsion fuel technology!


Our team has 200+ years of executive and operational experience in: 


  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Commodity Trading
  • Military
  • Academia
  • Engineering


In other words, we have plenty of knowledge to successfully execute the mission at hand!


What is TRILLION Providing?


We’ve created a fuel technology that reduces the social and environmental impact of fuels! By doing so we can help FastTrack climate change. We have plans to become a major contributor to the energy transformation movement with our immediate green fuel solution!


The Effectiveness of HydroDiesel+®


HydroDiesel+® is water in diesel fuel nano emulsification technology that is cleaner and not only reduces a wide spectrum of greenhouse gas emissions but also has lower toxicity and hazardous rating as well!


Our sustainable fuel has 0% free-water content (all the water is actually infused inside the fuel molecules) and can deliver more work from the engines. Additionally, our Low-GHG liquid fuels are proven, certified, and scalable with clients already buying.


What our HydroDiesel+® can provide:


  • Increase in gross profit for fuel retailers.
  • Up to 40% reduction of CO2 & up to 80% NOX life-cycle emissions
  • Up to 15% reduction in specific fuel oil consumption


Our HydroDiesel+® technology will soon expand to even bigger things!


Currently in development:

  • HydroJet™ aviation fuel
  • HydroBunker™ heavy marine fuel
  • HydroRace™ high performance race fuels


Join Our Investor Community on StartEngine Today!


We need the support of our community to help us make an impact. Visit our StartEngine raise page and join us as an early shareholder today!


If you have any questions that have been left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact our executive team. 


Thank you in advance for your support!

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