Trillion 2022 Year End Recap

Hello Trillion friends and happy New Year! We had a great 2022 and want to share with you a few of the great happenings we had!

 trillion 2022 update

  • TRILLION has concluded its Reg-CF investment round and our new crowdfunding investor capital table is finalized with an additional 400+ investors.
  • We are now open with our Series A investor round and will continue to add additional resources and production capital as we continue growth and funding milestones. Our Series A has started off with a large investment from Beyond Angles.
  • Funds are being used to bring new production equipment online in January 2023; and we are seeking a new facility location to accommodate larger production volumes.
  • Our marine cruise line segment class certification is progressing and we are conducting diligence on license production agreements with international oil & gas partners.
  • 2023 is being positioned as a successful year to come for TRILLION and our stakeholders.

We wish you all a Happy Holiday season and great success in the New Year!

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