Listen to Tino, the HydroDiesel man explain all about our environmentally friendly fuel solution

Meet Tino, the HydroDiesel Man

Meet Tino®, the HydroDiesel® Man

We provide next generation, environmentally friendly fuel technologies cost effectively to the world.

Trillion® is the Leader
in Clean Fuel Technologies

Trillion's next generation fuel technology increases engine performance with less engine stress, wear & tear.

Our Green Fuel
Technologies Increase Horsepower & Torque

While providing longer engine runs per fuel volume.

Our Green Fuel
Technologies Cost Less Than Regular Diesel Fuel

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Who We Are

Trillion® is the leader in creating clean, low emission fuel technologies that reduce costs and are revolutionizing the energy industry. We’re committed to creating products and technologies that reduces the impact on our environment.

Global Leader

Our technologies benefit global communities by reducing emissions and cutting costs of fuel, allowing money and resources to be spent elsewhere. Our HydroDiesel® solution is the single most important and financially viable fuel technology in the market.

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Solving environmental and health matters

HydroDiesel® is a green, advanced fuel that is designed to significantly reduce emissions, extend the life of engines and maximize performance, all while providing more value than regular diesel. At the core of HydroDiesel® is our proprietary HDAS™ additive, that forms a stable emulsion allowing water to mix with diesel creating greatly enhanced combustion.


Trillion® uses multiple, advanced blending station sizes to fit any fuel production demand.

Lower cost than regular diesel while providing longer engine runs per fuel volume.
Increases fuel efficiency by up to 25%, allowing you to burn less fuel. 
Friendly green energy fuel that burns cleaner than regular diesel and biodiesel.
Reduces the levels of CO2, NOx, PM 2.5/10, black carbon, HxCy emissions by more than 33%.
Increase horsepower & torque with less engine stress, wear & tear.
Intermix with regular diesel & be used in existing equipment without engine modifications.


Our proprietary HydroDiesel® is a friendly, green energy fuel that burns cleaner than regular diesel and biodiesel, reducing the levels of harmful emissions by more than 33%.

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